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UY 5 4
Gender Female
Loves Rupa
Media debut
Voice Actors

Ever since they've been children, Carla has loved Rupa. When one day Rupa showed Carla a picture of Lum, his bride-to-be, Carla changed from a childhood friend to a violent assailant. From then on she constantly threatened and terrorized Rupa out of jealousy. The more Carla would attack him, the more he'd try to distance himself from her (see any parallels here to Ataru and Lum?). Near the end of the movie Rupa finds that he doesn't really want to marry Lum. He admits to Carla that he loves her and asks her to marry him. Of course she accepts. Kanketsu-hen movies aren't known for their irony after all.


  • "How dare you interfere with my ship's path! Thanks to you, my ship is trashed!"
  • "Stop talking nonsense and just sign this marriage license!"