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Episode 2a
Mail from Space – Ten-chan Arrives!


Episode information
Original airdate:October 21, 1981
Screenplay:Shusuke Kaneko
Storyboard:Yuzo Aoki
Director:Masuji Harada
Animation director:Yuji Yatabe
Manga counterparts:-
Previous episode: It's Raining Oil All Over Town
Next episode: Mrs. Swallow and Mrs. Penguin

Mail from Space - Ten-chan Arrives! (宇宙ゆうびんテンちゃん到着!, Uchuu Yuubin TEN-chan Tôchaku!?) is the first part of the 2nd episode of Urusei Yatsura. It originally aired on October 21, 1981.


A peach falls from the sky that Lum's cousin, Ten has traveled to her in. He is capable of breathing fire and is an instant enemy to Ataru.

Plot OverviewEdit

Ataru ten


CharacterVoice actor
Lum Hirano Fumi
Moroboshi Ataru Furukawa Toshio
Miyake Shinobu Shimazu Saeko
Cherry Nagai Ichirou
Ataru's Father Ogata Kenichi
Ataru's Mother Sakuma Natsumi
Ten Sugiyama Kazuko
Propane Salesman Chiba Shigeru

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