Asuka Mizunokōji
Asuka Mizunokoji
Nihongo 水乃小路 飛鳥
Romaji Mizunokouji Asuka
Gender Female
Species Human
Residence Mizunokouji residence
Skills and Powers High speed, superhuman strength and agility
Loves None
Loved by
Media debut
Manga That Mizunokoji Girl! Part 1
Anime Hell Encounter! Armorded Girl; Beauty or Beast? Part 1
Voice Actors
Japanese VA Shimamoto Sumi

Kyaaaaaaa!!! Men!!

Mizunokouji Asuka[src]

Mizunokouji Asuka (水乃小路 飛鳥, Mizunokōji Asuka?) is Mizunokouji Tobimaro's younger sister. She inherited her strength, speed, and agility from her mother (that she could uproot a huge tree and run with it[1]) but is quiet and meek. Her mother raised her in isolation to keep her away from men and thus keep her pure. Even her brother didn't know that she existed due to this. The first man she meets is Ataru and the encounter leaves her with a phobia of males. The mere sight of a man will trigger her to go on a rampage causing massive destruction and scaring away the men.


Asuka's parents had arranged a marriage between her and Mendou Shuutarou beforehand, to bring the two families together. But, Asuka does not understand how relationships work and she even addresses Shuutarou and Ryuunosuke as "big brothers". Although her mother tries hard to cure her of the phobia, and she starts to recover, Ataru somehow confronts her accidentally, and she ends up relapsing.


  1. Urusei Yatsura; Episode 133

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