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Episode 8a
Neptune Beyond the Closet


Episode information
Original airdate:9 December 1981
Animation director:-
Manga counterparts:
Previous episode: The Doll of Ill Will
Next episode: The Confusing Dinosaur Age

Neptune Beyond the Closet (おし入れの向うは海王星, Oshiire no Mukou wa Kaiousei?) is the first half of the 8th episode of Urusei Yatsura. It originally aired on 9 December 1981. Its opening theme is Lum no Love Song and its ending theme is Ucchu wa Taihen ja!.


First appearance of Oyuki, Lum's friend and queen of Neptune. Oyuki also has incredible ice powers. Megane and friends visit while Shinobu is nursing Ataru, who has a cold; and they discover a gate to Neptune in Ataru closet. By accident, they go through this gate and arrive on Neptune to be greeted by Lum and Oyuki.

Plot OverviewEdit

  • B-Bou tries to stop Ataru from flirting against Oyuki.
  • Ataru starts to imagine Oyuki's beauty.




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