Maiko Omaezaki
Nihongo 御前崎 舞子
Romaji Omaezaki Maiko
Age 14–15
Gender Female
Species Human → Spirit
Occupation Highschool freshman (at the time of death)
Loves Maizuru Mamoru
Ozuno Tsubame
Loved by Maizuru Mamoru
Media debut
Manga Date with a Spirit
OVA Date with a Spirit
Voice Actors
Japanese VA Kobayashi Yuuko

Omaezaki Maiko (御前崎 舞子, Omaezaki Maiko?) is a girl whose spirit gets attached to Ozuno Tsubame.

History Edit

Maiko only appears in the OVA and Manga chapter of the same name, so not much information can be said about her. However, it is known that she is spirit, but not a normal one. When Sakura tries to exorcise her, she does not get scared or disappear. This shocks Sakura, but makes Maiko very confused. During her appearance, she is shown to be very attracted to Tsubame, as she claims he said her from a terrible man. So everytime he manages to get away from her, Maiko automatically teleports to Tsubame's side, due to her love for him.

Appearance Edit


  • Maiko's full name is never revealed. In the manga, her last name is revealed and in the OVA, her full name.


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