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Episode 10
Pitter-Patter Christmas Eve

Lum ataru date

Episode information
Original airdate:23 December 1981
Screenplay:Yu Yamamoto
Storyboard:Mamoru Oshii
Director:Mamoru Oshii
Animation director:Asami Endo
Manga counterparts:26 - Even Though I Wait for You
Previous episode: Athletic Woman Hell
Next episode: Ataru Genji Visits Heian-kyo

Pitter-Patter Christmas Eve (ときめきの聖夜, Tokimeki no seiya?) is the tenth episode of Urusei Yatsura. It originally aired on 23 December 1981. Its opening theme is Lum no Love Song and its ending theme is Ucchu wa Taihen ja!. This episode also the first long term released animation and the story is divided into 2 parts, Part 1 and Part 2.


Megane and Lum's Stormtroopers set up a plot to embarrass Ataru and get Lum to leave him at the same time. They set up a date who will make a fool of Ataru, but Lum finds out and twists things around.

Plot OverviewEdit

  • Megane seriously having insane bursting laugh for his brilliant plan.
  • Ataru, Ten and Lum stay at the the top of shopping mall.

Part 1Edit

Part 2Edit


  • "Sighs...At my age, I already have a woman who follows me around thinking she's my wife. Oh! My youth's rotting away!" - Ataru
  • "Behold! My secret "Flip-up-the-skirt" Maneuver!" - Ataru
  • "Can you have a walk with me?" - Ataru



Experience snowfall - Kanketsuhen

A reanimated scene from The Final Chapter

  • The last scene from Lum sent Ataru a tiger-striped scarf as a Christmas present until the end is been reused and reanimated at The Final Chapter.
  • This episode's ending is one of the first instances in which Ataru shows her true feelings about Lum