Urusei Yatsura - Prim
Gender Female
Loves Prince of the underground
Media debut
Anime The Great Space Matchmaking Operation
Voice Actors
 Prim is one of the Minor Characters of Urusei Yatsura.


Prim met Ataru Moroboshi in disguise of a man (off-screen) to ruin the matchmaking operation, gathering The Prince of the Underground and Diana,then, they invaded the party, taking Lum and the couples with them, as The Prince of the Underground drives the gang to a safe place, he tries to make his move on Lum, only to be smacked by the bag of Prim, then revealing herself and scolds TPOTU for forgetting her since they met much to his lies.


Prim seems to have a rough personality, with low tempered characteristics.



Prim is persumably a Succubus with a red hair, Black wings, bikini, Wrist/Neck band and boots.


  • Ataru Moroboshi:after learning that she was a female by Ataru, and jumped over her back, she displayed a sign of disgust to Ataru himself.
  • The Prince of the Underground: As his fiancée, Prim doesn't seem to like him, and scolds him for every wrong move he does.