Shingo Urusei Yatsura-0
Nihongo 新吾
Romaji Shingo
Age 15

possibly 17

Gender Male
Species Human
Relatives Shingo's GrandFather
Residence Mendou Electric Garden
Skills and Powers Immune to Electricity, Acrobatic, Ninja Precision
Occupation Personal Guard
Loves Lum, Miyake Shinobu, Mendou Ryouko
Loved by Mendou Ryouko
Media debut
Manga The Electric Jungle
Anime Hurry Come Darling! Lum's Dangerous Marriage Story
OVA The Electric Household Guard
Voice Actors
Japanese VA Tohru Furuya

Shingo (新吾, Shingo?, My Humility) is a ninja working for the Mendou Clan. He is Mendou Shuutarou's personal guard.

About Edit

Personality Edit

Appearance Edit

Shingo has brown hair in the episode he first appears in, but in the OVA he has blue hair. He has a summer tan and a six pack.

Regular Outfit Edit

In this outfit, Shingo is shirtless and wears only yellow and black tiger-stripe underwear and a brown headband. However in the OVA, his headband is red and his underwear is changed to green and black tiger-stripe. In the manga, he also has an anklet.

Ninja Outfit Edit

Shingo wears the generic ninja outfit, minus the mask. However, instead of it being white or black, it is blue.

Powers and Abilities Edit

  • Immunity to Electricity - Shingo is immune to all electricity, and can even ingest is. He is also able to conduct electricity, as it can power up his speed and swiftness.
  • Rewire electric object - Shingo knows a lot about things that run on electricity and knows how to rewire them.
  • Ninja Stealth and precision - Shingo is very stealth and acrobatic. He is able to leap tall distances, and often uses them to escape. He can throw sharp objects with precise accuracy

Appellations Edit

Name What They Call Shingo What Shingo Calls Them
Moroboshi Ataru unknown unknown
Mendou Shuutarou Shingo Master or Waka
Lum Darling (temporarily) Wife
Mendou Ryouko Shingo-Sama Ryoko-Dono (Master Ryoko)
Shingo's Grandpa Shingo Grandfather

Trivia Edit

  • Shingo has trouble reading
  • For a short time he believed his Grandfather was a Television
  • Any woman that shows him kindness, he will instantly fall in love with them
  • In The Electric Household Guard, Shingo claims that almost marrying Lum was his greatest memory
  • He used to live in the Mendou Electric Garden by himself, until Ataru and the gang found him and returned him to his grandfather
  • In The Electric Jungle it is shown that Shingo can communicate with the television, but the television is showing a movie that answers his questions with scenes from the movie

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