Nagisa Shiowatari
Shiowatari nagisa
Nihongo 潮渡渚
Romaji Shiowatari Nagisa
Gender Male
Relatives Nagisa's Father (deceased)
Fujinami Ryuunosuke (fiancée)
Residence Tomobiki
Skills and Powers Super strength
Occupation Hamachaya employee
Loves Fujinami Ryuunosuke
Loved by  ???
Media debut
Manga Nagisa's Fiance - Part 1
OVA Nagisa's Fiance
Voice Actors
Japanese VA Yayoi Mitsuki

Shiowatari Nagisa (潮渡渚, Shiowatari Nagisa?) is a cross-dresser and Ryuunosuke's fiancé. His father is a close friend of Ryuunosuke's father and the two of them run a second Hamachaya. Though a guy, he was raised as, and therefore looks and behaves like, a girl.

He is the Yokozuna of the Annual Beach Sumo Tournament and is quite strong, so strong in fact that Ryuunosuke cannot compete with him. Because the Hamachaya had been seeing poor business, he and his father decided to introduce sea urchin-flavored kakigori to their menu, but die from overeating. As a result they are ghosts upon introduction, but later Nagisa gets a new flesh-and-blood body and moves in with Ryuunosuke.


Nagisa has dark blue eyes and long brown hair, which is secured at the back with a yellow ribbon. His bangs fall lightly on his forehead, covering his eyebrows and two strands of hair hang down from his ears. He is almost of the same height as Ryuunosuke and is shown wearing a sleeveless yellow full-length frock.

Just like his appearance, Nagisa's character also resembles that of a girl, the exact opposite of Ryuunosuke's. He is showcased to be soft and polite, and tends to get very emotional at times. He falls in love with Ryuunosuke on their first encounter itself and tries to get a kiss from her, so that he can rest in peace. However, in contrast to his appearance and personality, he is a very strong young man and was the Yokuzuna of the Annual Beach Sumo Tournament. His strength is much greater than Ryuunosuke that the latter cannot compete with him.


Powers and abilitiesEdit




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