Ten's Mother
Ten's mother
Age Around 20
Gender Female
Relatives Ten (son)
Lum (niece)
Occupation Firefighter
Media debut
Voice Actors
Japanese VA Keiko Yokozawa
Masako Katsuki

Ten's mother is rarely seen, even by Ten. She is a firefighter who takes great pride in her work. When Ten was living with her, she would tell him stories of her work in the field, expressing her contempt for arsonists and pyromaniacs, who she feels should be sent straight to Hell. She is very busy and would leave him with a robotic nanny, which has contributed to his precociousness. Additionally, her arrival at a fire is accompanied by a tidal wave. Since her son breathes fire and uses his power liberally, he lives in terror of what will happen should she ever find out. She gets into a frenzy whenever she does her work. Despite that, she shows that she loves Ten very much, despite the rareness of her being able to visit him.

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