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The Wraith of the Ice Queen - Part 1
Wrath of the ice queen first act
Chapter information
Urusei Yatsura Tankōbon
Chapter 217
Urusei Yatsura Wideban

The Wraith of the Ice Queen - Part 1 (青白きほのの怒り;前篇, Aojiroki hono no ikari; zenpen ?) is the 217th chapter of Urusei Yatsura Tankobon.


  1. The appearance of numerous Ice Mouses from the warp tunnel ruins the date between Ran and Rei. Ran rushes to ice palace to find Oyuki for blaming her reckless to watch over those lemmings.
  2. Oyuki apologies to Ran, but Ran still unsatisfied. Oyuki starts to take serious about the issue, Ran senses her excitement.
  3. Back to Ran's spaceship, she feels extremely angry and knocks off her basket. One of Ice Mouse rolls out from the basket, starts making destruction at her spaceship. Lum and Benten receive a call from Oyuki that the leader of the lemmings escapes and need their help to find him.
  4. When Ran stops the Ice Mouse, Lum and Benten arrive at her spaceship. Ran tries to explain the whole incident to them, suddenly Oyuki exist at the connection screen. But Ran does not tell the truth, at the same time she also senses another excitement from Oyuki.
  5. Benten feels curious about Oyuki's anger. She takes a photo onto Ran with the Ice Mouse, types a letter and sends them to Oyuki. Ran blames Benten for treating mean to her.


Ran is having a good mood to have a date with Rei. During the appointment, Ran senses the cold breeze, followed by the snows fall from the sky. Not longer later the warp tunnel forms, numerous Ice Mouses fall at the place where Ran stands. Apart from that, those nasty Ice Mouses try to finish all the food from Ran's basket that she want to give Rei as date present. And so the date between Ran and Rei is completely ruined.

After that, Ran quickly rushes to The Ice Palace to meet Oyuki for blaming her behaved reckless on look after those Ice Mouses. But the only way that Oyuki can do is making apology to Ran. Ran feels extremely unsatisfy while looking Oyuki's insincere apology behave, she keeps saying Oyuki as the one who does not want to take responsibility on this matter. While Ran decides to leave, Oyuki starts take it seriously. Ran suddenly feels the unpleasant excitement from her.

The situation may getting worse, Ran backs to her UFO and starts concerning about Oyuki's latest mood. She also concludes that her life is in risk, and so she knocks off her basket, one Ice Mouse rolls out from it.

On the other hand, Oyuki contacts Lum and Benten for reporting the missing case of Neptunian Ice Mouse, she also needs their help to find him as soon as possible. Back to Ran's spaceship

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  1. There is a difference about the fur colour of Ice Mouse. In manga, its fur colour is white. But in anime, its fur colour appears to be drak green.

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