Urusei Taishou! "After You've Gone". Urusei Yatsura Pre-Departure Special! Shine! is the 194th episode of Urusei Yatsura anime. This special episode reviews back the 44th episode After You've Gone, which is placed at the first place of other 9 episodes.

List of rankEdit

This is the list of rank of votes from every state of Japan.

  1. After You've Gone
  2. And Then They Were None
  3. Scramble! To the Rescue of Lum!
  4. Pitter-Patter Christmas Eve
  5. I Love Darling's Sincerity
  6. The Honest Fox Again! I Love Shinobu
  7. Dimensional Switch, Where's Darling?
  8. The Beautiful Maiden Comes With the Rain
  9. Fear of Meow
  10. I'm Lum the Notorious!

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