Visiting a Sick Friend
Nihongo 風邪見舞い
Romaji Kaze Mimai
Chapter information
Published date 1984
Anime counterpart Visitation Panic! I Didn't Mean Any Harm
Pages 16
Urusei Yatsura Tankōbon
Chapter 273
Volume 26
Piece 6
Previous chapter Big Bottle/Small Bottle
Next chapter Mendo's Secret
Urusei Yatsura Wideban
Chapter 273
Volume 12
Piece 8
Previous chapter Big Bottle/Small Bottle
Next chapter Mendo's Secret

Visiting a Sick Friend (風邪見舞い, Kaze Mimai?) is the 273rd chapter of Urusei Yatsura manga.

Plot SummaryEdit

Ran gets a coldEdit

Ran catches an Earth cold and is forced to skip school. She decides to take a nap and starts reminiscing the old times when Lum used to visit her when she was ill. Lum used to bring her things that caused her more trouble than comfort. Once, she brought her a flower and a doll (a robot). When takes a hold of the flower, it starts releasing some powder that causes both the girls to cough. An annoyed Lum utilizes the doll's remote controller to move the figure and start attacking the flower. The doll explodes soon leaving Ran unconscious. Suddenly, Ran snaps out of her thoughts and curses Lum. In school, Lum sneezes and Shuutarou asks her if she has caught a cold. She replies she hasn't to which Ataru responds by saying someone might be bad-mouthing her. However, Lum does not believe him as she's confident she hasn't done anything that people would hate and badmouth her. Meanwhile, Ran is very mad at Lum and does not want her to visit her.

A week later, Ran decides to give Lum a call, in intentions of trying to avoid her from visiting her.

Characters in order of appearanceEdit



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