Trees that grow on Oyuki's planet of Neptune. On a trip with Oyuki, Lum obtained a branch holding a single chime from a vendor.


A bare tree with icy branches which grows wind chimes in the place of leaves.

What Does It Do?Edit

Each individual chime causes a slight temperature drop in the surrounding area. One of these wind chimes placed in a room would have the same effect as an air conditioner. The tree also seems to have an overactive rate of growth in certain circumstances. A single branch can quickly take root and grow into a mature tree in a matter of minutes, usually sprouting additional chimes.


It was a hot day in Tomobiki, among the hottest on record, and the Moroboshi family unable to afford an air conditioner were slowly dying from heat. Then Lum showed up with one of these wind chimes still attached to the branch and placed it over the doorway. Everyone was pleased by the effects of the chime and were even happier when it started to grow and sprout more chimes. To put the extra chimes to good use they were put in different locations all around the house. But still they kept growing exponentially, making the house colder and colder. It appears that the branches took root in the wood of the house and spread like wildfire. Soon the entire home was covered in ice and snow.

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