Yuki on'na (雪女, Yuki onna?, Snow woman) is a spirit or yōkai in Japanese folklore. She is a popular figure in Japanese literature, manga, and animation. She may also go by such names as Yuki-musume (雪娘, Snow girl?), Yuki-onago (雪女子, Snow wench?), Yukijorō (雪女郎, Snow harlot?), Yuki anesa (雪姉さ, Snow sis?), Yuki-omba (雪乳母, Snow granny or Snow nanny?), Yukinba (雪婆, Snow hag?), and Yukifuri-baba (雪降り婆, Snowfall hag?).

According to Japanese folklore, Yuki on'na appears at snowy nights as a tall, beautiful woman with long black hair and blue lips, her inhumanly pale or even transparent skin makes her blend into the snowy landscape. For sometimes, she is wearing a white kimono. But other legends describe her as nude, with only her face and hair standing out against the snow.

In Urusei Yatsura, there is a snow woman named Oyuki, the queen of Neptune almost mark all the properties between the real yuki on'na. Unlike the real yuki on'na who behaved cruel and evil against her victims, Oyuki was kind to everybody else, and did not even show her anger against them.

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